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Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific

The Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific (CI-USP), headquartered in Suva, and Fiji was established between the University of the South Pacific (USP) and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).

In March 2010, an official application for jointly constructing a Confucius Institute between the USP and BUPT was put forward by the USP. On 15 December 2010, the Agreement for the Establishment of the Confucius Institute was signed between Confucius Institute Headquarters of China/Hanban and the University of the South Pacific.  The Implementation Agreement for the Development of the Confucius Institute was signed on 22 February 2011 between the USP and BUPT. With the approval of Hanban, BUPT and USP formally reached an agreement on 14 April 2011 to jointly build the Confucius Institute at USP.

CI-USP became fully operational in 2012 and currently comprises of 15 staff members including; one Local Director, one Chinese Director,  7 Chinese language teachers, four volunteer Chinese language teachers, one Administrative Assistant and one Secretary.  In March 2014, due to high demand of Chinese language teaching in western part of Fiji, CI-USP has opened its branch in USP’s Lautoka Campus. In 2015 a Confucius classroom soon followed in the Emalus Campus in Vanuatu, and another Confucius classroom opened in the Cook Islands campus.

The Confucius Institute at USP provides a unique avenue to introduce Chinese language and culture to the general public, and to carry out China-related activities within USP.  It not only engages in extending development and cooperation in education, but also engages in extending the friendly cooperation in Sino-Fiji cultural communication, economics and technology communication, information communication and so on.

Why Learn Mandarin?

  • For business purpose (as there has been a vast increase in interaction between Fiji and China)
  • For intellectual enrichment.
  • For enjoying Chinese movies.
  • For an introduction to the culture of Fiji to China and vice versa.
  • For career purposes

Why Study Mandarin at USP?

  • Interactive and innovative methods will immerse students in a linguistic and cultural environment.
  • Class size is small for maximum student-teacher interaction.
  • Good facilities and teaching materials.

Course Descriptions

Credit Courses

  • LL181
  • LL182
  • LL281
  • LL282

Social Classes

  • Beginner 1, 2, and 3
  • Intermediate 1,2,3,4,5, and 6
  • Advance

Admission Requirement

This course is open to anyone (any age group and any cultural background) who is eligible and interested in learning Mandarin

Other Activities
We have a lot of activities for the students and the public, see below:

  • Graduation ceremony
  • Guest Lecture: Chinese Music and Western music
  • Dragon Boat Festival Celebration
  • Chinese Lunch Salon
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Chinese Cooking Class
  • Chinese Singing Class
  • Beijing Opera Experience Activity
  • Forum on Confucius Philosophy
  • Chinese Valentines’ Day
  • Chinese and Pacific Book and handicraft exhibition
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
  • Chinese Photography Exhibition – Celebrate the founding of the People’s
  • Republic of China
  • Paper cutting exhibition
  • Chinese calligraphy and painting competition and exhibition
  • New Year Gala  * Chinese Movie  (4 per year)
  • Zongzi during Dragon Boat Festival
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