Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Vice-Chancellor’s Forum on Learning & Teaching 2016

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Forum on Learning & Teaching 2016

    “Using ICT-enabled innovative pedagogies to enhance student learning

    Japan - Pacific ICT Multi-Purpose Theatre, Laucala Campus
     Thursday 1st September, 2016
    8am - 1pm

  • Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Michael Sankey

    Associate Professor Michael Sankey is the Director, Learning Environments and Media at the University Southern Queensland.

    He specialises in elearning pedagogies, learning technologies, multimodal design, visual and multiliteracies.

    He has worked in Higher Education for some 26 years and is particularly interested in how constructively aligned and aesthetically enhanced learning environments can better transmit concepts to students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds.

    In recent years his research has focused on how students interact with technologies online, particularly in relation to accessing learning resources. His other passion area is photography, particularly the democratisation of the photographic medium, largely facilitated by the advent of digital imaging.

    In addition to his role at USQ, Michael is the Director of the ACODE Learning Technologies Leadership Institute. This is a major initiative of ACODE that is run bi-yearly for those aspiring to become leaders in the area of technology enhanced learning.


No man is an island in technology enhanced learning, even if you live on an island

There is a famous line by the poet John Donne (circa 1624) in his work ‘Devotions upon Emergent Occasions’ that reads:

‘No man is an Island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.’

In this case the ‘continent’ represents how we are all (in the higher education sector) coming to grips with the rapid advances in technology enhanced learning (TEL), and how we can sometimes feel we are doing things all alone, where in actual fact we are part of a much broader learning community of practice. So you might physically live on an island, but you are part of a much greater learning community that are very happy to work with you to find solutions to your particular needs.

This presentation will look at some interesting, low barrier, technology enhanced pedagogies that have been seen to enhance student learning at a range of institutions. Some of these are common to the institutions learning management system (LMS), while others can easily be integrated into the greater virtual learning environment (VLE). Importantly, it will do this in the context of an institution providing a consistent approach for their students in how they experience the courses associated with an institutions VLE.

This presentation will also suggest that if we can nail down many of the fundamentals around providing TEL, then an institution has a much greater chance of being able to hammer home some of the innovation they would ultimately like to see in place. Not surprisingly, this approach calls on a number of recognized quality instruments that can be aligned with the potential plans and directions of the institution. We will investigate some of these tools and look to develop, together, a way forward, consistent with the support the greater learning community can provide.


Thursday 1st September, 2016 


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