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Property & Facilities

Project Management

What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

Giving USP Better Long-Term Value in Infrastructure Investments by:

  • improving the value of the project outcome by clarifying and satisfying client needs and agreeing on achievable outcomes within the available budget.
  • undertaking consultation and briefing processes by validating functional relationships through a value management approach during project initiation stage to improve the project outcomes, client acceptance and satisfaction.
  • engaging in good cooperation and communication.


We are:

  • delivering a wide range of projects incorporating complex delivery phases through approvals, consultation and procurement in all 12 member countries.
  • managing complex procurement programs and project management and contract delivery processes.

The Project Management Office

The Project Management Office

Primary Objective:

  • Provide high level advice to the Executive Management on Project Management matters relevant to improving the delivery of infrastructure services across all USP Campuses.
  • Implement measures to optimize PM processes to achieve a systematic organizational improvement.


Specific Duties

  • Lead the development and implementation of project management improvement strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the delivery of infrastructure services across the USP.
  • Review existing and where necessary improve or develop and implement effective processes and procedures to support the planning and delivery of infrastructure works.

Clerk of Works

Clerk of Works


This positions is responsible for monitoring the work of companies who carry out contracts for the University. The key responsibility of this role is to ensure that all contractual tasks are carried out according to the University's standards and specification ensuring that quality control and checks are practiced at all times.


Nature & Scope

The Clerk of Works, or site inspector is USP's "Eyes & Ears" on site. He oversees the quality and safety of work on a construction site, making sure that building plan and specifications are being followed correctly. He represents the Project Manager on site and instructs the contractor according to the PM's direction.

Duties Include:

  • Performing constant inspections of the work on site and comparing completed work with drawings and specifications.

  • Measuring and sampling building materials to check their quality.

  • Detail any significant event including any serious deficiencies in health or safety performance observed while on site

  • Identifying defects and suggesting ways to correct them

  • Being familiar with legal requirements and building codes of the country where project is grounded.

  • liaising with other construction staff such as contractors, engineers and surveyors.

  • monitoring and reporting progress to the Project Manager.

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