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USP CL FYE Buddy Programme

At USP we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for our students, to developing a sense of community and engagement, and to enabling students to maximise their academic potential. CL FYE Buddy Programme is an important strategy in achieving these goals. CL FYE Buddy Programme makes an important contribution to achieving the best possible First Year Experience for all first year students. 

The Campus Life First Year Experience (CL FYE) Office will endeavour that all 2017 first year student have access to CL FYE Buddy Programme irrespective to the Faculty or School they belong to. CL FYE Buddy Programme is a non-academic mentoring student support for first year students. 

CL FYE Buddy Programme plays a highly-valued and valuable role in the life of USP students. They make an important contribution to the well-being of new USP students by:

  • Familiarising the student with the campus facilities;
  • Sharing their knowledge of where University Support Services, School and Faculty offices are and how they can be accessed;
  • Providing information on University policies and procedures, or where/who to go to for advice and information;
  • Demystifying academic procedures and other study matters (i.e. how to submit assignments; how to borrow books);
  • Sharing academic survival tips and knowledge about how to seek support;
  • Engaging in social activities to get to know and meet other students;
  • Sharing knowledge of available support structures, services and networks;
  • Building the studentís self-confidence in their ability to negotiate a new and challenging environment.
  • Buddying is generally characterised by the model of a more senior or experienced person acting as a friend to a new, more junior person, to inculcate them into the ways of the new culture to help them succeed.

Ideally, CL FYE Buddies build a relationship with their first year students over time, usually over the course of the semester. The Buddy programme is voluntary in that both buddy and first year students can opt out whenever they want to. 

Who is a CL FYE Buddy?


A CL FYE Buddy:

  • Must be a currently-enrolled  USP student who has successfully completed at least one year of study,
  • Have already managed to negotiate their University studies successfully,
  • Is a student who is interested in assisting new students to successfully make the transition to university life,
  • Is willing to share their own knowledge, expertise and experience with others to help them get the most out of their time at USP.

How can NEW students be linked to FYE Buddy (non-academic mentor?

You can sign up with a CL FYE Buddy Programme at any time during your 2017 Orientation week at USP. CL FYE Buddies will assist during the Orientation activities and will be distinguished by their T-shirts. You can also sign up at any Information Booth or with your Orientation tour guides. There is a high chance that Buddies might be your Orientation Tour Guides as well. If you still are unable to sign up for a CL FYE Buddy, simply send an email on ronil.r.prasad(at) 

For more information please contact Campus Life CL FYE Office. 

Ronil Prasad
Coordinator, First Year Experience 
Campus Life Office
The University of the South Pacific
Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji
Tel: (679) 323 2300 | Fax: (679) 323 1535| Email: ronil.r.prasad(at) 

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