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Accreditation of a New Program

Policies, Procedures and Templates

Qualifications, academic programs and courses are approved by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC), the Senate and the Council. Council approval is required for new programs. Final approval for other matters rest with the Senate. The process of approval is known as accreditation. This is different from the arrangement for a program / qualification of the University to be accredited by another university or a professional body.


The issues considered for accreditation include the admission requirements, proposed courses including their assessment and pre-requisites, program structure and duration of the program, requirements for practical or hands-on experience where applicable, comparability with existing university programs and regulations and the proposed resourcing of the program or course.

Accreditation Procedures

Courses and programs are drafted in the departments and schools and cleared by the school board of studies. Templates for course and program proposals which are basically structured questionnaires or checklist on the accreditation issues are used in the proposals. This is to ensure that all issues are addressed in the proposals. In this way schools or department boards of studies propose new courses or programs to their Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee. The Faculty TC & L after consultation with Faculty Management would recommend the courses or programs to the ASQC. The ASQC would consider and approve a proposal and recommend the same to the Senate and Council.

These procedures are outlined in the following documents and should be strictly adhered to:

Acreditation of a New Program

Reacreditation of Academic Programs

External Accreditation

The University accredits qualifications and courses from two particular tertiary education institutions in the region and awards an external diploma and external degrees for the accredited programs.

The University also accredits certain courses and programs of other tertiary education institutions in the region and awards cross-credits for these. Submissions for these cross-credits are made on the approved templates. The departments/schools concerned assess proposals and make a recommendation to the ASQC who will then consider the proposal for recommendation to the Senate. The approved cross-credits from this arrangement are then included in the University Calendar. Candidates concerned on enrolling in appropriate programs in the University are awarded the cross-credits on completing the necessary applications.

Processing Procedures for Accreditation

The Assistant Manager in the Council Secretariat provides consultation on accreditation and facilitates the accreditation process from the ASQC through Senate to Council. The ASQC and the Senate also consider proposals for academic regulations, scholarships, medals and prizes which are proposed and processed in the same way as courses and programs.

Consultation for the above is also provided by the Assistant Manager. The dedicated e-mail is accreditation(at)usp.ac.fj.


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