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New Zealand Aid Programme

1.        New Zealand support towards the Universityís Core Budget

The New Zealand Government has committed to the provision of a total of NZD 13.8 million over the years 2010-2012 in support of the Universityís core budget. This enables the University to confidently implement activities under the priority areas of the Strategic Plan, and work together with the Government of New Zealand to ensure sustainable development in the region.

This partnership funding arrangement provides NZ$4.6 million to the core budget in 2011.

2.      Governance and Management Enhancement & Strengthening (GMES) Project

The Government of New Zealand provided support to the University of the South Pacificís GMES Project which commenced in September 2008. It had committed a total funding of NZ$1.2 million over the course of the GMES Project that had three major outcomes: (i) Governance Enhancement and Review; (ii) Enhancing University Decision and Support; and (iii) Capability and Financial Sustainability. NZAID has provided a total of NZ$220,206 to support implementation of Project activities in 2010. The project has been extended until March 2011 with the approved budget of NZ$266,327

3.      Pacific Legal Information Institute (PacLII)

PacLII has been funded jointly by New Zealand and Australia since its establishment, with each donor contributing AUD 300,000 annually to the project from 2006-2009. However, PacLII operations in 2010 were funded solely by New Zealand.The New Zealand commitment finished at the end of December 2010. 

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